15 Apr 2009

Thieving Speculation

Yes, it was a dumb joke about System Shock 3, but this one's all non-lies...

It seems the latest speculation flooding the deliciously nerdy end of the internet is that Eidos Montreal, developers of the upcoming Deus Ex 3 have made a teasing post that their next game is soon to be announced. That is literally all they have said so far, but certain hopefuls have taken it upon themselves to draw some significance from the style of font (no, really), likening it to the Thief series' bold type.

This has caused the longstanding Through the Looking Glass community forums to hammer out a forty-plus page thread on the chances of this being what we've been after since the last game's release in 2004. To be honest its high time they threw in another addition to the now legendary PC gaming series, but it will have to be a wonderful sequel.

Personally, I'd be careful what to wish for. The recently publicised Deus Ex 3 hasn't filled me with glee, judging on early screen shots and tidbit info (I loathe cover-systems, okay?).

I remain hopeful and sceptical at the same time, because the Thief series is extremely dear to my heart and they really don't make games like that anymore.

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