11 Apr 2011

Botched cryonics: The Dead Pixel lives!

The plan was, of course, that this blog would reactivate several hundred years into the reign of the third order of Tra'al at which point those misanthropic bastards would have completed approximately 90% of their planned decimation of the human race. The Dead Pixel would knock the shit out of the Tra'al, no problem, and go on to claim the entire planet for itself.

Obviously something went awry. The whole project thawed. And here we are.

As it stands, Earth is still in very much the same lacklustre state as it was 21 months ago when the last post of this fine publication was fired forth from the cannon of despair into the face of who-the-fuck-reads-this-thing-anyway. The penny dropped, the trickle of strained gaming commentary subsided and my experiments to find out whether or not I was much more lazy than I had ever previously conceived were at an end. I tested positive. Laziness killed the blog like a slow rot when I had always hoped it would expire in much the same way that Sharon Stone did in Total Recall; I wanted action, a prolonged fight scene, a bullet to the brain and a postmortem quip. I received none of these.

But I digress. As always. I was intending to keep this swift.

In short, the blog is back in action on the condition that there are no conditions. I'm opening it up to cover all aspects of life in the hope that having my fingers in multiple pies will prove far more successful (and considerably more tasty) than gently prodding some stale tart with one malodorous digit. The gaming coverage will continue but remain limited only to those things I give enough of a shit about to put mind to matter. There will also be fiction. And facts.

Has it really been 21 months? Has it? Really? Has it? Yes. Quite.

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