17 Aug 2008


Timeshift is a tricky one. Playing it leaves me feeling uneasy. The controls are fiddly, the puzzles contrived, the graphical quality constantly shifts between good and bad and despite all the time-meddling it strikes me as a very old-school shooter. Something about the blinkered level design and predictable enemy AI awakens ancient feelings of discontent spawned from those shooters that I used to play before Half-Life arrived. To top it all off, the difficulty level is through the roof.

So here's the gist:
Baffling plot lays way to standard FPS gameplay with one delicious gimmick - the amazing ability to bend time and space! I can almost hear Uri Gellar throwing down his spoons in envy...

With this special power comes added combat strategy, a silly suit and some very befuddling controls. I'd like an explanation as to why, when Crysis managed multiple settings bound to one mouse button, this crucial feature requires three seperate SHIFT+KEY combinations to get it to work... Not only that, but the developers have also included a key bind that automatically chooses the best time-fuck™ setting for any given situation and that really shouldn't need to exist.

That said, when you do stumble across the right keys, there comes a childish sort of glee from freezing time, stealing an enemy's weapon and blowing them away with it. It also creates a multitude of options in deciding the best way to dispatch a room full of punks.

I can bitch about it all I want, but somehow Timeshift just about won me over during the course of the game. It's linear as hell and all the FPS cliches are present, but it's different enough to remain interesting.

If you love gore and guns and hate Uri Gellar then it's probably worth a go.

SCORE: 74%


Nick said...

I love neither guns nor gore and yet I like 1st person shooters. How does that work?!? Is it still possible not to be a violence-fetishist and still enjoy these games? Should I dare mention the new Fallout game at this point ;)

P.S. For legal reasons, it's best I keep my opinions of Uri Geller to myself.

Rowan Davies said...

That is fairly bizarre. If you don't get off on killing people, then what on earth do you get off on? And don't you dare mention Fallout 3. I'm still trying to find the calm to write an entry on it...