30 Jun 2009

It's been released? Oh, right: Battlefield Heroes

EA seem to have pushed this one out the back door, meaning that very few are trumpeting the release of aeons-in-the-beta-testing, Battlefield Heroes.

The game comprises of these things:

- Multiplayer shooting
- Cartoon graphics
- Unlockable weapons
- Vehicular combat
- Micro-transactions

Somewhere behind the garish, 'comedy' exterior lies a stripped-down, family-friendly Battlefield game. It's World War 2 gone slapstick and whether I like it or not, I haven't yet decided. Having dipped in and out of the beta once or twice I couldn't quite get to grips with the unresponsive controls and the matchmaking service. My God, I hate matchmaking services. If there is one way in which console gaming has detrimentally affected PC gaming it's with those idiot-proof, disconnection-prone, electronic waiting rooms. Dammit, I've gone off-topic.

I'll probably download the client tonight and have a bash at it, but whether or not it's any good will dictate whether I cover it again here. If I hate it I might just draw a big picture of a cock and balls and add it below.


Nick said...

"EA seem to have pushed this one out the back door"

Does that mean it's shit? ;)

Jason Staub said...

It obviously came out of someones back door