15 Aug 2008

QUICK CAP REVIEW - Medal of Honor: Airborne

Medal of Honor: Airborne is a game made for adrenaline junkies and can only truly be enjoyed when played as a speed run. For maximum fun you should play it as if the good Sergeant’s buddies spiked his coffee with laxatives before the jump and the entire Axis forces are hell-bent on guarding the last porcelain throne on Earth. In fact, I don’t doubt that downing three pints of water beforehand will provide you with the sort of jittery desperation needed to improve your performance and gaming experience. Soon you’ll be hurdling five-foot high walls and catapulting the enemy into the sky with the butt of your rifle. You’ll be jumping from rooftops and unleashing, mid-air, an explosion of machinegun fire upon a group of enemies in the street below. MoH: A requires you to take drastic action and rewards idiot tactics with survival and weapon upgrades. In fact, if you don’t play it like a lunatic with ADHD, you will simply not be making the most of the experience.

Take this as an example:
I am John "Dullard" Tactics and my objective is to assault an enemy bunker. WHAT WOULD I DO? Well, I would wait for back-up before taking any action and when my men arrive, I would send a grenade through the doorway. I would then wait for the enemy to run screaming from the bunker and tag one of them as they try to flee.

This is all well and good, but playing it like Sgt. Tactics is actually more likely to get you killed and/or bored. Take my advice and play it like Evel Knievel on crack. You see, if I had stopped to think before lobbing five grenades into that bunker full of Nazis and then running through it to see if I could dodge them all, I would probably be telling a different story.

Don’t play it like a soldier, whatever you do. War is hell, but all games should be this fun.

SCORE: 84%

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rohin91 said...

nice review ... will check this out :)