25 Aug 2008

Star-destroying space opera...

If you haven't purchased or aren't usually a reader of PC Gamer magazine (UK) then I would advise you to go out and grab a copy of it this month. Writer Tom Francis aka 'Pentadact' has published a short book which is included free with mag, entitled 'Plan B'. It's a detailed account of a skirmish within the game Galactic Civilizations II. It's a thoroughly entertaining read, covering his quest for peace and an inability to follow through on his intended moral stance. It's a wonderful example of how games can tell stories through the people that play them.

If this doesn't convince you to try out the demo then nothing will. Personally, I'm going to go back and give it a good go.

If you are too skint to buy the mag, the first two chapters have already been posted on the PCG website so take a look to see if you're interest is piqued.


Nick said...

Dude, have you not played GCII? I could not stop playing that game a few years ago! I'm surprised I didn't mention (pester/annoy) you about it.

It sounds like an interesting read - if only I could afford the price of a magazine :(

Rowan Davies said...

I do seem to remember the pestering. Well, you should have written me a story about it instead... Arf.

Read the story in the PCG blog, it's fantastic. I will purchase the game when I have the funds. I think a special edition pack is out in a month or so.