20 Feb 2009

Empire. Demo. Out. Now. Yes.

Okay, it's genuinely not often that I get this excited about the release of a game, particularly the release of a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a game. However, today we can rejoice as the Empire: Total War demo hits the interwebs, exclusively available to download via Steam. My nerd levels are fluctuating violently, I'm salivating like a rabid dog and all of a sudden I need to go to the toilet.

Currently I'm downloading the game through my molasses-slow BT internet connection -fuck you, BT. No, really, fuck you- and I'll provide an update of my experiences when I'm through playing it.

I've recently made a sort-of-promise to myself that I won't use this site to publish news on top-end commercial games mainly because there are bigger sites that will do that better, but what the hell. I needed to voice my stupid, nerdy excitement somewhere and this, being a PC gaming blog, is the perfect place to do that.

It's possibly the game I've been most anticipating this year and almost certainly one that will see me through til the end of it if nothing better comes along. So lock up your daughters, or at least your female offspring who have a particular interest in historical real-time strategies. Empire has arrived.

Updates to follow... and a mess in my pants... probably.

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