24 Oct 2011

First look: Manastorm - Lust for Guts

I was going to write about something fairly low key today, like a knitting simulation or a platformer involving a sleepy field mouse, but then, whilst perusing IndieGames.com for news stuff, I happened upon this:

Manastorm - Lust for Guts is an excellent example of why wizards should never cohabitate. It's also how I imagine every Magic Circle christmas party eventually turns out, after they're all hammered and arguing over which of them could kick Derren Brown's head in the best.

I like it a lot. It looks loud and fast, which is something that deathmatch gaming hasn't really maintained since Quake III kicked the door down in 1999 and demanded that we should all worship it, and only it, as the pinnacle of multiplayer murdering in the first person format.

What caught my eye in particular was:-

- The blood
- The fire
- The rock summoning
- The more blood
- The aerobatics
- The exploding people
- The lava balls

It's as if God returned to Earth to smite us all but gave up after everyone started to dick about with his awesome spells.

It's a bit rough around the edges, animation-wise, but this is a game still very much in development and besides, how are you going to notice any graphical discrepencies when you're bouncing around the map like a rubber ball? A rubber ball filled with blood.

An early alpha version of Manastorm - Lust for Guts by Team Rock IT is available for download here on the developer's site, but it's LAN only so there isn't a hope in hell of me being able to give it a whirl.

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