13 Oct 2011

First Look: Voxatron

Do you remember when voxels were declared to be the next step in the rendering of expansive 3D environments? You do? And then do you remember, very shortly after, when they weren't? Me too. They looked terrible, didn't they? They made every game seem slightly out of focus, as if smudged by any number of artless, godless hands.

Video gaming nostalgia often denies games you once held dear from looking any good when viewed from a modern perspective (with the obvious exception of Deus Ex, which looked just as awful back in 2000 as it does now).

But look at this! Voxels weren't all that bad!

Voxatron by Lexaloffle Games brings voxel tech back into the limelight, sticking it through the retro filtration machine that all good indie games must go through on their way to becoming lovable cult hits.

Featuring both action and adventure combined with fully destructible environments it really does look very pretty in motion, if slightly dizzying with all those lights and colours.

As you see there, the alpha is to be released shortly and looks to be a nice little psychadelic romp. Plus, those tunes are BANGING. Is that right, how I said that? Well, never mind.

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