19 Oct 2011

First look: Overgrowth

If you were thinking that the madder half of crime fighting duo Sam and Max was the only hyperkinetic-bunny-thing to grace gaming, then you would be wrong. Just plain wrong.

is the latest project from Wolfire Games. It's been in development for around three years now and I seem to drift across further coverage of it every couple of months. Each time I see it, I can't help but feel the need to kick some rabbits to death. Ha! I was playing on that whole 'games affecting perceptions of reality' thing that is so incredibly current affairs...

Anyway, look here - fighting lagomorphs!

Wolfire claim it to be the spiritual sequel to Lugaru, released in 2005, which was in the same vain but happened to be rather difficult to control from what I can remember. Regardless, with Overgrowth, the developer is promising 'better graphics, better physics, more characters, more moves, great mod support, and co-operative multiplay' in comparison to their previous offering.

I'll vouch for the graphics at least. The above video and every other piece of footage showing ongoing additions to the alpha build just look staggeringly good. The impact of fat feet upon fur seems to have been nicely realised and the dynamic reanimation every time an animal receives a solid kick in the head is strangely satisfying to watch.

I'm going to try to get my hand on the alpha build as soon as I'm able.

Worth noting: As with many other indie developments at the moment, those who pre-purchase receive updated playable previews until the game receives full release. If you don't want to foot the $29.95 to do so then the least you can do is check out - and salivate over - Wolfire's YouTube channel which details the individual updates of each weekly release.

Overgrowth has no solid release date yet.

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