12 Oct 2011

First Look: To the Moon

You might think it common for me to perform cartwheels at the merest mention of a prospective indie release, but this isn't true - I just like to write about whichever games excite me the most. By this measure it took me no time at all to decide on putting up a quick post about To the Moon, the soon to be released adventure game from Freebird Games.

They're a developer I've no previous experience of, but advise on their website that their "focus is to create familiar yet alternative [takes on] the classical RPG experience". That's fine by me, I figure the world has plenty of room for a few more Chrono Triggers before it finally boils away into space. If you feel the same way, To the Moon's charms will surely provoke all sorts of delightful feelings in your belly.

Many games cause me to make a brief note to follow their progress, but very few actually cause me to stop and stare and repeatedly watch promotional footage. To the Moon is one such game.

The premise is instantly arresting. The game will follow two doctors who have the power to alter the memories of a dying man in order that he may recall his most desired fantasies before his clogs are finally popped. I'm already hooked and the trailer below is almost all I've seen in demonstration of its substance:

Funny, attractive and designed to evoke all kinds of nostalgia - what's not to love? The above footage also poses plenty of questions about how the game will play out. There is to be no combat and Freebird clearly want to keep it from being so bluntly labelled as a 'game', but what seems clear to me is how well classic JRPG stylings fit the theme. And the writing appears to be spot on.

So, one to watch with peeled eyes, and I'll certainly be providing my thoughts on it once it sees release on 1st November this year.

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r4i sdhc said...

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