16 Oct 2008

Bioshock: The Sea of Dreams teaser!

Holy mother of a Big Daddy! Reportedly, the PS3 version of Bioshock reveals a teaser trailer for the sequel on completion! Now, calm down, I know what you're thinking. Are they really starting to hype the new game already? Is the development close to completion? Will this trailer mean anything a few years down the line when they've changed all their ideas about where they want to take the series and little girls no longer have the ability to telekinetically build sand castles? 'The Sea of Dreams'? Really? Isn't that title just a little shit?

Well, here's a little fact to consider whilst you don't bother with any of the above: Did you know that Bioshock was originally planned to be set inside a disused Nazi science station, converted to occupy genetics research? That's right and the monsters' behaviour was supposed to 'be determined by their primal urges and a food chain' according PCG two years ago. Well, now you know...

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