1 Oct 2008

QUICK CAP REVIEW - Crysis Warhead

It's short, but it's cheap. It's competently designed and yet... not. It's fun, but not as much fun as it should be. Crysis was always lacking something and I feel it has a lot to do with the fact that a game that has you running around dressed as a human tank should feel somewhat cooler than this.

Crytek have now produced this standalone four-hour piece of the Crysis pie. They've attempted to correct mistakes that were made with the previous game. Korean troops no longer take a full clip to go down, the action is better paced, but if there's anything that will keep me from truly indulging in a high-octane, FPS spaff-athon it'll be those bloody aliens. You know the ones. Yeah, they look like the metal squid in the Matrix. They're the ones that'll zip about in groups, shooting you and generally being complete fun-sapping, tedium-spurting dicks. You know the type, the type that feature in 90 F**KING PERCENT OF THIS GAME.

So, to clarify, Crytek have re-jigged everything apart from the fact you still have deal with these sub-par alien nuisances in large quantities. The over-use of over-lengthy cutscenes is also something worth pointing out as they're shit and they make a short game even shorter. Although well-paced, the battles are nowhere near as open and inviting as those in the first game and to top it all off -despite what the gaming media may have led you to believe- the game still has persistent, immersion-buggering framerate issues.

If you loved the previous game then you'll like this, but if Crysis was a disappointment for you then this instalment will only serve to further your Crytek-based woes.

SCORE: 68%

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