29 Oct 2008

Small Child of Persia

Here's an interesting look at what started off the whole motion-capture scene in gaming and, more importantly, the fantastically original (original) Prince of Persia games. Taped by the older brother, Jordan Mechner, you can have the pleasure of watching a genius at work and... a little boy running around in his pajamas.

1up recently posted this and it's too good a piece of late eighties gaming nostalgia to miss. Just to know what came of it all and how we are where we are now. If you're interested in what the hell is going on, Metchner made these videos so that he could render the pixels in the game as an entirely lifelike and groundbreakingly fluid game character. It was a technical marvel at the time and if you haven't previously been aware of it's existence or are just after a nostalgia kick in the nuts then check out this fancy browser-based remake.

The new Prince of Persia game is to be released soonish and if it's anywhere near as entertaining as watching this footage then it will be a great game. Oh, I know... it'll probably just be okay...


Mike Dymond said...

That is just amazing. I had no idea that motion could have the same effect as smell or sound. You could of shown that footage to me without any introduction and I would have instantly recognised it. I would probably have thought it was someone trying to imitate the movement from the computer game. Genius.

Watching Pac Man die, raising and lowering the ground in Populus, looking 360 degrees in Castle Wolfenstein, seeing the Prince of Persia move. All seminal moments in Computer game graphics for me.

Need to go and think of other things to add to the list.

Nick said...

A few more:

The 'horse running' loading animation from Defender of the Crown. In fact ANY of the graphics from that game were (and still are) jaw-dropping.

The front-suspension bouncing around in Stunt Car Racer.

The first time I saw a Mortal Kombat arcade cab the digitised character animations blew me away.

Can't forget the cinematic stylisations of Another World.

Anonymous said...

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