16 Oct 2008

I love the internet

No, I'm lying, I hate the internet. And I hate the people that inhabit it. Well, some of them.

A little while ago I posted a clip of myself blowing up some trees in Crysis. I thought it was quite funny. I thought I was quite funny (not true). I posted it on You Tube so I could embed it here. I got this response from a child:

'lag much? noob pc' - drummalord123

No, he didn't hurt my feelings. I took it in my stride, but it did remind me how much I hated the internet, stupid people and You Tube. I'd rant some, but honestly I couldn't sum it up any better than this strip from xkcd does:


No Orijunaluhtee said...

yeah, youtube comments piss me off, too. no matter what kind of video is posted.

Anonymous said...

I love xkcd, and that cartoon is a great follow-up to this one: