15 Oct 2008

Molyneux hypes like he's never hyped before*

1up have provided this wonderful story, from the man who is the master of his own PR.

Yup, Peter Molyneux - two weeks prior to the release of Fable 2 - can barely contain his own excitement. No, not for the aforementioned project, but for his next game, which remains a top unnamed secret. With the eagerness of a child who's found out he's getting a robot for Christmas, only to have his friends stamp on it the first time he brings it school, the man seems as desperate as ever to spill the beans.

The next game, he says, will be "really, politically contentious".


"Everyone at Microsoft who's seen it is super excited about it," he spurts.


"There's nothing else remotely like it ever before," he proclaims.


You've got to hand it to him, there are no backhanded publicising efforts from him and his crew. He goes directly to the people and talks shit at them in person. And I actually love him for it. He's like some weird manchild, geekily forcing his love of games upon us, before being dutifully ignored by the masses shortly after each release. His enthusiasm is adorable, his games consistently disappointing. But he believes in what he's saying and that's enough for me...

The real story, here.

*if you ignore all the premature, overzealous self-promotion of all those other games he's done.

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Nick said...

Of course, if you were more cynical you might consider that this guy has made a killing over the last 20 years by doing just this. For some reason we continue to lap it up.

It's a shame because I think he can produce real genius on occasion (populous, power-monger, syndicate...). I just wish he wouldn't shout his mouth off about it in quite the manner he does. It's arrogant, egotistical and worse - it's MARKETING.