20 Oct 2008

Unreal Tournament 3 Expansion on the Cards

According to IGN PC, Epic Games have announced a "major expansion" for Unreal Tournament 3. I assume this move is to protect the flagging sales of the latest addition to the series due to the game being overlooked in place of more forward thinking multiplayer experiences (namely Team Fortress 2 and CoD 4).

A little defensively it seems, Epic's Vice President Mark Rein told Eurogamer that they were working "on a major expansion to Unreal Tournament 3 that we expect will excite and grow our UT3 customer base which, incidentally, now numbers over a million units sold-through world-wide." Methinks the [developer] doth protest too much...

The mention of UT3 has actually reminded me of my bafflement at the way they shoe-horned a single-player campaign into the game. It made no sense at the time and it still make no sense to me now. I can only hope that this expansion they're planning will include a full league-based singleplayer deathmatch campaign with teams transfers, injuries and tournament matches. Everything they should have included in UT3 in place of that nonsense about a war and field lettuce generators.

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