21 Oct 2008

It's good to [force your own amazingly insightful opinions upon others]

Regardless of what some people may think, The Dead Pixel Post wishes to encourage peace, love and understanding just as much as it does cynicism and loathing. In fact, it wishes to encourage it so much that it's sprouted an extra, wholly unobtrusive tool in the sidebar there. Indeed, you can now see the most recent comments displayed by your kind selves to the right of the page. Isn't it breathtaking in all it's glory?

The intention of this spontaneous new limb is to get people talking. So, if you hold any sort of opinion on any post made on the site then you now have the power to hang it up for all to see. Alternatively, if you see an already made comment you disagree with, take the time to formulate a dashingly witty retort. Agree with something? Go ahead and pummel that keyboard with your unrestrained man-love. Not a man? Let us know.

The Dead Pixel likes healthy debate. And girls.

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