21 Oct 2008

More Alan Wake teasering!

Every time a trailer is released for Alan Wake I have even less of an idea of what this game is all about, or how it will play. Still, it's very cinematic and Remedy can surely be trusted not to release a bad game what ten, twenty years after announcing it?

Still, dead wife, secluded town, main character's an author. It's all so Stephen King. No, it actually is almost identical to the synopsis of his book, Bag of Bones. I remember reading it when I was about fifteen. Here's the plot introduction on Wikipedia:
"After the sudden death of his wife Jo, author Mike Noonan is plagued by writer's block, with his dreams haunted by the summer house he shared with her, he reluctantly decides to return to the isolated lakeside retreat."
Copyright infringement or not, this pre-release teasing has gone on for far too long for me to be truly excited about this game. Still, may as well check it out anyway...


Nick said...

And its sequel:


No Orijunaluhtee said...

i have to say. that just about sums up the steven king movie in a nutshell. never read the book, but did see the movie. maybe he can just call it a spiritual sequel, or whatever hip gaming lingo would describe IP theft as.