25 Nov 2011

Burning down the highway: Freeway Fury 2

You know that feeling when you're so angry to be stuck in traffic that you just want to put your fist through the windscreen, climb atop your car and surf your way from A to B? No? That's because you haven't played Freeway Fury 2 by Serius Games.

Play consists of pelting down motorways from an early GTA perspective and every time you hit trouble - which generally consists of traffic blocking each lane - just hit the 'Z' key and ride on the roof. Time will slow down in this mode to allow you to decide which other roof to hop onto. Then it's a quick yank out of the previous owner and you're merrily burning your way along the tarmac once more.

It's neatly constructed, easy to control and, although you'll probably start off bashing bumpers with every vehicle around you, you'll quickly be breaking all kinds of traffic laws without a scratch on your bonnet. It's thoroughly satisfying to plan a perfect route between cars and there's a natural rhythm to play which is easy to slip into, but rather hard to maintain. Crashing into others slows you down or kills you outright and, naturally, missing your jump can result in some very colourful skidmarks.

Check it out via jayisgames.com

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