24 Nov 2011

Late to the Party: Renegade Ops

Of course, I would have reviewed Renegade Ops were I provided a copy to play with, but it was clearly not to be. Still, I picked it up for sale yesterday thanks to Steam's autumn of awesomeness and I can safely say that I'm glad I did.

If you're not aware of the game's ins and outs, the action in Renegade Ops is top down - driving for the most part - shoot 'em up fun. It's explosions every two seconds, shooting in a constant stream of fiery lead from whatever buggy you happen to fancy. Each one comes with perks, be it mortar strikes or shield boosts, heavy machine guns or ant lions. Yes, Gordon Freeman is here, fabled scientist from that series that time (and Valve) forgot.

Most of all, it's heart pounding good fun. I'm only a couple of levels and - although it's not the sort of game you can take for hours on ends - it very much sits in the back of your minding begging for you to return once you leave it for a bit.

And it looks fantastic. Remember, this is from Avalanche Studios, creators of the excellent and beautiful Just Cause series. Based on the same engine, we're once again treated to luscious jungle scenery and beaches where you'd happily holiday were it not for all the raucous warmongering going on.

Tasked with putting an end to hilariously overplayed villain, Inferno - and the comic book storyline is firmly tongue in cheek - you'll be set objective after objective by the magnanimous General Bryant with an aim to snuff the bad dude's venomous flame. And the mission orders really don't let up. Often you'll have multiple targets - hostages to rescue, mortar trucks to destroy and minions to slaughter - but it all comes together well enough and your thumb will happily twitch between the lot of them as your little vehicle careens about the screen.

This is satisfying, well meant shooty fun and I haven't even tested out its biggest selling point yet - the co-op.

Renegade Ops usually retails at £9.99 on Steam, but is currently available at £7.49 in their autumn sale.

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