23 Nov 2011

First look: Crashtastic

The favourite pastime of most modern gamers is shooting other things to death with guns that, in the real world, wouldn't fit in your wardrobe, let alone your hand. Just behind that? Probably ragdoll abuse. Truck Dismount and Stair Dismount first opened our eyes to this joy of joys. Trials 2 kept the ball rolling and now we have this here to light up our lives once more:-

Crashtastic clearly isn't beating about the bush when it comes to its own brand of polygonal mannequin abuse. And what a pleasing trailer - the plinkety plonkety piano work lends a nice serene edge to the rocket car smash action occuring onscreen. That's right: rocket action. From the looks of it cars will be custom built and rockets attached to provide carefully calculated propulsion to guide our brave little man to his goal... or straight into a wall.

The game is being developed by Mark Smith and scheduled for a soonish release according the website. Full details are apparently incoming. Could be one to watch.

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