10 Nov 2011

Running down a dream: Fragmentation

From wall bricks to floor bricks. From moving upwards to moving forwards. Let’s keep this fun theme going! Must give credit to IndieGames.com for this find.

Fragmentation is a nifty piece of freeware gaming created in forty eight hours by Riley Adams for the Ludlum Dare 21 compo back in August. Racing down a straight corridor is the easy bit. Moving fast enough to avoid the crumbling floor behind you is where things get tricky. Pillars are placed in your way to keep you thinking and you also have the ability rotate the room and duck and jump to ease your passage through the world. Play well and you’ll speed up. Play badly and you’ll fall into the abyss beyond. Just like in real life.

It won’t keep your attention for long, but it’s a thrill whilst it lasts and manages to place you in that zone of awesomeness that allows you to act on instinct to survive. Plus, such a colourful time-sapper it’s not to be knocked when you consider the time constraints on its creation.

Download Fragmentation from Ludlum Dare, here.

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