24 Nov 2011

First look: A Walk in the Dark

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I bloody love cats. I like having cats around the house because, no matter how shit your life might feel at any given moment, at least someone's having a damn good time, even if it is at your own expense.

A Walk in the Dark is a game, due for release next year, which casts you as one of these miniature beasts, fighting through a dark fantasy world in search of your abducted owner. Something demonic is afoot (and probably some cream or treats as I'm pretty sure no cat would ever aid anyone if there weren't a delicious reward involved).

Here's the trailer:-

That cat has some mad skills, no question. The developer, flyingturtlesoftware, are apparently looking closely at how the little mog controls to keep it at as near to the feel of feline grace as possible - although I'd suspect the transition from floor to ceiling and back again involves some sort of artistic licensing. Either that or my cats are broken. Stupid cats.

Final note: This particular bundle of fluff is called Bast which is possibly the best half-swear you could ever employ as a name for one of them.

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