30 Nov 2011

Gunpoint or: What Gamers Want

Here's a something that's looking rather splendid: Gunpoint. A game that its creator - PC Gamer writer man, Tom Francis - describes as a 'stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people'. I've not previously covered it here on the blog, but I have been watching - ever watching - as it has grown from something merely promising to something that simply demands to be played.

Francis has provided a new video which perfectly outlines the way in which Gunpoint plays so there's little reason for me to go into much detail here. I will, however, respond to one of the questions ventured in the clip. That being: 'Is this a game worth paying for?'

It's an interesting thing to ask. In current times, when the indie market is saturated with freebies, bundle deals and standard sales of all things fun and downloadable, I actually think now more than ever gamers are able to assess and spend exactly what they want on any given title. And this doesn't mean just waiting for offers to drop prices to a sensible level. We witnessed exactly how generous people can be in the light of indie talent when the recent Humble Voxatron Bundle raised almost £1 million dollars in a sale that lasted only two weeks.

Already I've seen comments in response to the below video and almost exclusively the answer is: yes. Yes, I would like to pay you for putting the time and effort into making this game for me. Buy yourself something nice. Or, even better, make me something else with it. And when the community around us is doing this sort of thing - when the people playing and supporting the indie treats we've been party to over the last year are generally that way inclined - you know that PC gaming has such a long way to go before it dies the death that a few of the larger corporations had previously prophesised.

So yes, Mr Francis, I would like to buy your game please, based on what I've seen so far. £5.99 has always seemed like a nice price.

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