23 Nov 2011

Tested to perfection: Egress

If you're after something thoughtful to play this evening and you've about an hour to kill then you won't go far wrong with this short and perfectly free space adventure from Krams Design.

Egress sets the scene for a simple repair mission in which you, as shuttle commander, are tasked with fixing up a drifting space probe. Cue some brief point-and-click puzzle solving and a big fat space disaster. Fairly obviously things don't quite go to plan and very soon you'll find yourself stranded on an unusual planet receiving desperate messages from your crashlanded crewmate. It quickly becomes clear that this won't be a simple case of search and rescue. Instead: metaphysics and melodrama.

Egress can be a little slow moving at times, but the Space Odyssey vibes are - for your first attempt at least - well worth taking the time to appreciate. Without giving too much away, there's replay value here and you'll likely restart the game as soon as it ends. Some really nice touches keep this from being just another nuts and bolts adventurer.

It also looks and sounds great. A superbly subtle music score compliments the bleak hand-drawn art style and both lend a real sense of mystery and intrigue to the proceedings.

Even if you only spend twenty minutes with this game, if you're a fan of science fiction you'll likely get a kick out of Egress.

Egress is downloadable from the developer's website, right here.


KramsDesign said...

Thanks so much Rowan, I'm glad you liked it! A very flattering write up indeed!

Anonymous said...

Gave up on the second puzzle.

Read on another blog there was a hint in the intro animation, but restarting and waiting through all the prompts made my stomach churn.

Wish I had read that first, I would have saved your bandwidth.

IMO slow response time is not a gameplay device, it's unnecessary punishment.

Sad, as the game has loads of atmosphere and clearly took a lot of work.